Our Mission

Growing plants are extremely beneficial to all of us in many ways. They improve our environment and also save on our list.

We are a leader in the green industry and we look for fresh ideas to bring and add excitement to your gardening experience. Our methods are modern in the way and are connected to the greenhouses. You must walk down to our store to see the beauty we are talking about, an outstanding display of beds and gutter-connected greenhouses.

We offer a variety of demonstrations on weekends, and on special weekends we offer informative classes on the same subject, provide hands-on experience with the trained and educated staff.

We aim to reach high levels in horticulture and also aim to take you there, to experience new levels of gardening.

We continue to grow in terms of the number of plants and also in the terms of a number of active consumers. We have 21 greenhouses within our campus which produce 15k flowering baskets, 40k geraniums and many others. We also have 800-1000 variety of perennials and we stock up on them.

Our mission is to strive for excellence in the horticulture industry. We are a house to a variety of plants, shrubs, trees and flowering plants. We have more than 500 varieties of trees, shrubs inside our site and have more than 100 varieties of roses alone.

Our retail shop has all that you need for your gardening and also to be successful at it. We have classes to make you an efficient gardener, without wasting much time and resources. We not just strive to become number one in the field, but also in bringing more people to do what we do, so that at the end the planet that we came from will be thankful for our small deed, our younger generations will be able to get the right kind of environment filled with loads of values.

When everyone learns the art of cultivating food, we believe that starvation would be the lost and last word on anyone’s lips. Come on and join hands to make the place a great living and also to brighten up our lives in return.